This shit is for real. 

I am a normal girl. I like flowers and sunshine like most other girls. This was my work life tonight. 

 Me: Hey how’s your night going?

He: Nah I’m going staunch. I just wanna snort drugs off your arse crack

Me: Ok babe. Just keep seeping those std’s out your penis

(Walk away)
5 mins later in the smoking room when he tries to scab a cigarette
Me:No I don’t think so. I thought you were just going staunch and wanted to snort drugs off my arse crack?

He: Yeah I do. 

Me: like I said, keep seeping them std’s out your dick. Seeping. Such a great word. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to use it. I’m not into financing the bad habits of dirty misogynist. 

He: I’m not a misogynist. I’m just a pig. 

Me: No…pigs are too cute. You’re just a sexist imbecile. Well done. You’re now getting a talking down by a stripper in front of a room full of people. (Guy nodding in the background, everyone else is silent. It’s not comfortable. It’s all I can do to maintain my smile)

He: why would you even say that? (Obvi trying to imply I’m the one with a problem with what I do for a living)

Me: Cause from what I’ve gathered about you so far, you’re a horrible person with little man syndrome who comes to places like this to try and demean us. Textbook misogynist. 

He: Oh am I? 

Me: yes you are. Imagine that? A woman smarter than you are and not reduced to tears by your attempt to demean her. 

He: I wasn’t aggressive to you. 

Another dancer: yes you were rude from the start!

Me: truckers keep on truckin. You’re actually a caricature of a shit character in a shitty movie no one wants to watch. 

He: Says she with the dirty regrowth 

Me: Regrowth is my personal choice as a free woman. 

He: Fucking feminist. 

Me: No. I don’t think there are feminists anymore babe. Just misogynists, sexists, then the rest of us normal people. 

Guy witnessing the scene: boom
Sigh. PS – this guy is married. Poor woman. 
As much as I slayed this utter fuckwit and I’m proud of myself for maintaining a smile the whole way through, I was shaking by the end and am still saddened by it all. Night after night having to persevere, having to fight to be treated like a human being, fight to be afforded the respect that should be given freely. It’s enough that I am also now fighting with myself to keep my eyes dry. Even though I’m home safe now, the accumulated effect of this, on top of the 3 customers who asked the price for extras, for me to allow them to touch or kiss me, to take me home – it’s too much. It’s awful that this behavior is so prevalent and yet people seem surprised to hear of domestic violence, sexual assault, sexual coercion. The media focuses on it every now and then as though it’s a recent developments, a sudden epidemic. It’s not. This is our culture. This is the world we live in. This behavior is never outwardly endorsed but it is ignored and thus perpetuated. 

Westerners have no right to be be critical of other cultures and religions when this shit is so prevalent in our society.  If you want to see what the real cultural climate is, work in the sex industry for a week and have your eyes opened. 

10 thoughts on “This shit is for real. 

  1. Heya

    I don’t understand it either.
    I sort of feel the older I get the more indignant I become towards the world. Perhaps I’m becoming less tolerant of intolerance as hypocritical as that may be.

    Last week I was in Tallinn Estonia, first few days I was with a lot of drunk people from lots of different places and they wouldn’t let me leave the drunk person area (common area) of the hostel.
    We didn’t leave the hostel for those first few days but every so often someone would make another alcohol run. I got up to leave them and head to bed a few times but was always pounced upon and kept in the drunk person area: My god people can drink a lot!!
    I’m not a drinker so it was a fascinating couple of days observing the decline of rational thinking and basic abilities like balance or articulation as alcohol continued to flow. Got a little sleep while I was there but it was amongst some incredibly smelly, drunk, snoring, getting up to piss or vomit all night people.
    Everyone was entertaining enough except one Russian guy. From some backwater town in Siberia and he was very vocal about how much he hated gay men, blacks and Muslims, lesbians he didn’t have a problem with. The more he drank the more he talked. Probably the most awful person I’ve ever met. I’m not sure I’ve ever held my tongue and rolled my eyes at the same time as often in a single evening. It was a bad hostel really. Quite dirty. Mattress looked and felt like it had been picked up off the street and the sheets and pillows from a charity shop. The makeshift shower/toilets were damp, smelly and drainage wasn’t working great which meant if you showered you were standing in a puddle of filth so I kind of washed myself down with a cloth for those days then I went and stayed the next 5 nights in a penthouse suite which was heavenly. Taking a long bath was my first act upon moving.

    I realise I need to make allowances to some degree. I mean we all see the world through our own little keyhole and sure he may have been brought up surrounded by such thinking yet I am finding it harder and harder to believe that any able minded person with the gift of analytical perception could simply make such broad sweeping statements of racism, fascism, homophobia etc. It boggles my mind.

    I think I need to remember that some people fear that which they don’t know, as Siberian guy obviously did while others embrace the unknown with a fervent curiosity to understand it or they ignore it because it does not play a part in what they are able to perceive through their keyholes.

    Hope you are smiling
    Love your writing


    • Hey Stratos, your hostel experience reminds me of similar that I’ve had back in the days of traveling Europe. GROSS! To be honest, I don’t even think it necessarily comes down to people fearing what they don’t know. More frequently it seems to amount to willful ignorance and a sheep/wolf pack/lemmings mentality. People don’t question themselves, they aren’t aware of themselves, nor are they open to ideas that might actually appeal more to who they really are – kindness, acceptance etc. Then again, a lot of people are simply ignorant, antagonistic arseholes with not much to bestow on this earth other than shit and a bad smell. Literal and figurative! Your trip must be over by now, but I hope you had an incredible time. I miss Europe. It’s been so long!


  2. I’m sorry that you had to put up with that but you came through it like a trooper. I love your strength of chracater! My faourite line was “You’re actually a caricature of a shit character in a shitty movie no one wants to watch” Gold!


  3. Loved your story, kind of puts a different spin on the industry for me. You see I used to work as a driver/ security for a club in Melbourne and was always watching the crowd as you do. This was not only my job but at the time was dating someone in the trade as well.

    It always amazed me that the guys that visited these clubs felt it was their right as they payed at the door, or for a private dance etc, to do and say whatever they liked to the girls in the club. I have to tell you this eventually ended my relationship with someone I loved very much but also my job as well.

    I can’t stand disrespectful behaviour or someone treating others badly because of a tag they have next to their profession.

    Good on you for owning this jerk and good on you for having the attitude you have.
    I hope you find what your looking for. Any man would be mad to not treat you like a princess and realise how lucky they would be to be with someone like you.

    Take care
    Best wishes


    • You’d have an insight that not many would have. I personally could never date a security guard from work, although it’s quite common. I don’t like to mix my personal and work life. You sound like one of the good ones though. Thanks for your feedback and I hope it brought up some nice memories for you!


  4. Interesting read, raw and honest, has the basis of a good book, the writing style reminds me on another that I read recently. Keep it up, all the best Cheers


  5. “No. I don’t think there are feminists anymore babe. Just misogynists, sexists, then the rest of us normal people.”

    Fucking perfect


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