Locker Room Series: #1

2013-08-03 13.01.58 The locker room is where all the best shit goes down. The one liners. The rambling. The complete and utter lack of glamour. It’s where a moment will happen and I’ll stand as an observer thinking “How the fuck is this my life?”. If I were still as prudish, fearful and judgmental as I was before I started dancing, I swear I wouldn’t have had even 25% of the laughs I’ve had. Life is too funny to be a righteous fucktard.

2 thoughts on “Locker Room Series: #1

  1. Came to your blog via T*r and spent a half an hour reading, pondering, hmming, wondering. Back to T*r, and poof you’re gone like a dandelion. Dang. 😦 ….


    • Ha! Thanks David. I hate that app. But I’m going to blog about it sometime so just sitting on there collecting the dark and light fodder of human nature til I figure out what to do with it! Love your reference to the dandelion. Staring at those is one of my favourite past times. Sometimes i cheat and hair spray the shit out of them so I can hold on just a little bit longer than nature intended. Hope you follow and check in every now and then x


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