“I bet I must be the only guy who’s ever just wanted to look into your eyes”

Don’t be so sure Buddy!

Lot’s of guys just want to stare into your eyes. Drown themselves in some kind of connection that doesn’t actually exist. Then they do that thing where they applaud themselves for not being a dirty bastard who only wants to check out your cooch. Cause they’re there for more than a pussy show. Whatevs.

Alot of girls can’t stand the intensity of having some guy stare into their eyes. For me, these ones are a blessing! Not being one to willfully show my bits these days, it helps me if they actually choose not to notice that they didn’t ever get to view the honey pot. Instead of me having to control my angles, make sure the lighting only hits the right spots, concentrate on distracting conversation etc.

Every now and then it does get a little intense. If they’re staring in that super sexual gross out way. Or when their eyes say that they know, that you know, that they know that you totally wanna fuck them. When really, you just want to punch them in the face and tattoo ‘delusional’ across their forehead. One of my girlfriends says that she grits her teeth and doesn’t say a word. Apparently she looks like she’s smiling when she does this, cause she never gets negative feedback. In fact, this one customer in particular speaks for her, like this, “You really want me don’t you? I can tell by the way you’re smiling at me. Why don’t you speak….? No! It’s ok, you don’t have to. I can see it all in your face.”

At times like this I maintain the eye contact, but blur my vision so that I can’t really see them anymore. I’ve been told by one of my fellow dancers that this makes me slightly cross eyed, but I only ever get comments about my “amazing” and “deep” eyes, crossed or not!

6 thoughts on ““I bet I must be the only guy who’s ever just wanted to look into your eyes”

  1. I get this too. ‘You have the most amazing eyes. I don’t even care about looking at the rest.’ I also don’t mind a bit of ocular contact because it gives me more of a chance to extend the dance! I’ll even throw a smile or two in. I’ve been known to do the ‘Bold and the Beautiful’ glare from time to time as well!


  2. I love reading your blogs and getting some behind the scenes knowledge on the profession. Blurring your eyes, now that’s a clever technique. Perhaps your eyes are amazing and hypnotic though. If those are your eyes in the picture above, then I would say that you certainly do. Do you think you are happy enough in your job to stick out a while more or are you looking to move on? What else would you like to do?


    • I’m pleased you like my blog Mr Swan! To answer – they are my eyes but they aren’t blurring and are therefore not cross-eyed and not a fair indication of what I look like in one of these self induced trances, and no, I won’t be hanging my dancing shoes up any time soon.

      I’ve got a couple of little business ventures shaping up that will hopefully get me out of dancing without having to have a major lifestyle overhaul.

      I’ve just read your latest post. It seems you’re fixing to dance with the devil…Careful with that xX


  3. Hey there, just out of curiosity… from the guys point of view, if I was thanked after a dance and said that I gave her goosebumps.Is that a common thing? was my first dance and wasn’t sure what to expect. Not sure whether im just being delusional or not. Just want to put my mind at ease.


    • You gorgeous thing! I dunno. You sound sweet as pie, so if that’s anything to go by maybe she wasn’t lying. Just because we are working doesn’t mean we never form personal connections. But there are a lot of girls who lie to make more money or try and get guys to come back and be their regular paying customers so beware! We all do it. You just gotta read the situation in the framework it exists in. My advice is just to never pay to see a girl outside of work. If she accepts your money, then she’s not into you. I’ve literally seen girls drain guys for tens of thousands in presents and cash, formed relationships with them and said “I love you” when they don’t mean it. If a stripper likes you, she ain’t gonna take your money outside club walls.

      Sorry I can’t be of more help!


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